Sunday, August 3, 2008

"fuck it"

it's always a bummer's even worse because i'm a pack rat, and i find the most off the wall weird things that are no longer relevant to my life...old pictures, old paintings, old knick knacks, letters from lovers lost, letters meaning to be sent but never sent, dried out Deco's, film that needs to get developed, things from Ex's which should have been burned up a long time ago...but forgetting somebody, just made me forget i even had these things...brings up bad memories too, more than the good ones...and it's funny, because when i talk to her (no not the ex, the new so-called "love" of my life) it becomes all too familiar. Familiar with the way she hates. the way she loves. the way she reacts. she some how has forgotten who i am. and why she fell in love with me in the first place. she becomes distant. even though distance, is already an issue. tired of running. tired of chasing. tired of dreaming.

just tired.

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