Thursday, November 27, 2008



wake up and get ready.
brushed teeth.
got in car.
drove to work.
walked bella.
shot the breeze.
printed covers for Album.
put together 100 CD's for Chicago.
read a good
went to speakeasy.
hung out with the burning of rome.
saw old friend.
hung out.
amazing jam session sang songs about "stop, rock n roll"...and..."white.trash.birthday"
left speakeasy.
drove to carls jr.
power out.
pitch black and rain drops.
4runner in front of me battery dies.
back out of the drive thru.
drive to the otherside to jump the 4 runner.
drove home.
pitch black.
came inside to change.
realized i left my cell phone in my car.
says fuck it.
2 minutes later go out in the pitch black and rain drops to get phone in my boxers.
staring at my cluttered organization.
stared at my food.
don't want to eat it.
wrote a pointless blog.
missing a certain someone.
wishing it was july.
i want to kiss you in the rain.
only because i never have.
and always wanted to...
turducken sounds gross.
all i want is potatoes.
not casino.
i was away for thanksgiving last year.
ate an amazing dinner with thankful great friends.
enjoyed the snow. felt like home away from home.
now i'm home for thanksgiving.
and i fear waking up...and being alone.
no home cooked meals for me.

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