Friday, July 25, 2008

i ninja vanished for the night...and now i am back...
although it has only been aprox. 40 minutes...i miss her.
diamonds. craft cut to perfection. the unknown.
is still very much unknown. but my mind is some what
at peace. i have raised a toast to new beginings,
and instead of thinking of tomorrow...i am living in the
now...because i do love her more than yesterday...just
not as much as tomorrow. priceless. golden. platnium.
silky and smooth...more than my cup of brew will ever be.
no other sound...except the silence which keeps us warm.
and the yellow/black slash black green and purple knots
to infinity. endless.

there is a show tonight @ the Catalyst here in Santa Cruz...
it's free...and i hope all of you can make it.

<3 Artoo

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